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Reading glass for the pocket

I don't need glasses all the time, but as I'm getting older I do find it harder read fine print. I like to carry reading glasses so that I don't get stuck when I'm out and about, but I don't want to always carry a bulky glasses case. I like to try and find reading glasses that are compact and can easily be carried in the pocket and are pretty hardy so they don't get too scratched up. This blog is all about affordable options for pocket reading glasses to keep you able to read all those tiny fonts and prints.


Reading glass for the pocket


Four possible side effects of cataract surgery, and how to deal with them

Cataract surgery is a very effective procedure to restore your vision. It involves replacing a clouded lens with a clear artificial one. It is a very safe operation, but as with all medical procedures, there may be a few side effects. Here are some things you may notice, and some tips on dealing with them. Blurred vision Blurred vision is quite normal after cataract surgery. It is caused by the eye swelling as a result of the operation.